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June 2024
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Archive for 'Diabetes'

it’s an ill wind (that blows nobody any good)

I’m typing this in bed due to being infected by Covid-19 at some point over the last two weeks: I tested positive very late on the 16th February. I feel reasonably lucky as the impact has been devasting on my insulin requirements, but I have food booked via my local supermarket, the internet at my […]

DIY is not what I wish to do

Many things are happening tomorrow, the result of which is I’ve just spent the best part of 6 hours designing and making a pump case so I have the luxury of being where I was this morning at 6am with a new insulin pump. Let me explain. My first ever pump came with three cases […]

Timing is everything

As you’re aware, in my spare time, I’m an insulin kineticist. That means I study the impact of artifically given insulin on the human body. The title is putting it mildly. Timing matters, it’s not necessarily what you do but when you do it. Take today. After a very lazy Christmas, I’m starting to exercise […]

I woke at 3:14am this morning

Needing the loo. Whilst doing the doing, I’m kicking myself – should have grabbed the sensor reader or at least my phone though I already know my blood sugar is high and I’m hyperglycaemic or hyper for short. Sure enough, when I check my reader, I’m 21.5mmol/l – that’s four times what it was this […]

Control is an illusion

Given my last couple of posts, it was with some dismay I approach my half yearly review. Yet, my Hb1Ac (that’s glycated haemoglobin to the uninitiated or how much glucose has stuck to a protein in my red blood cells) came back as 6% (or 42 mmol/mol) which is a stunning result given what’s been […]

Love/hate relationships

I truly hope you are well. And this is not your state of affairs at the moment… As a type 1 diabetic, it’s really easy to see your own body as a war zone especially when your beautiful control goes awry for any reason. (Actually, I love this from pinterest, although it seems to have […]

Rolling with the punches

Like many, I am sitting here with a cold: the first nasty cold of the season. I get immunised against flu each year, so I know it’s just a cold. Viral, but limited in its impact to my upper respiratory system and of course my head. It’s not a pretty picture and from the look […]

Scary times

If you discuss type 1 diabetes for the first time with a newbie to the area, there are two fears they discuss.  Injections/wearing a pump and hypos. Hypos have a bad press for good reasons: people do die from them, especially the young.  Of course your average non-diabetic has thousands of these a year because […]

Some days are much harder than others

This is a piece about what it’s like to be diabetic when nothing is working. “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something,” Wesley to Buttercup from the Princess Bride movie.  We all have those those when nothing seems to be going right, whatever we do doesn’t work and it just feels […]

The secret of becoming a morning lark

I’m a night owl, have been ever since I was born. My peak part of the day (and when I have the lowest insulin requirements) is just after lunch. (Image from wikipedia, photographer is Thomas Roessler). This is not at all compatible with having a serious career and indeed as a young teenager, I felt […]