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October 2023
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Archive for 'Diabetes'

Picking up the baton

There are 67 days before I head down to London and do the Prudential ride for the JDRF. According to fitbit, I am now “good-excellent” in terms of my general fitness although I have put on a little weight the past few weeks (bad hay fever, so have been adjusting my basal rates rather than […]

Are you surprised?

As a type 1 diabetic, life can seem very unfair despite some fantistic legislation which should give us a fair playing field. I should be protected by law when my blood sugar impacts my behaviour: I keep good records and can demonstrate where my blood sugar varies outside the norm. However, in practice, this is […]

Two months of training left

This is a quick update, not least because of cold/hay fever, I’ve had to take a couple of weeks out of the schedule. On paper at least, I’m ahead of the game.  I am up to 60miles in 5 hours 35 minutes and doing that pretty confidently.  I can actually cycle. The first hour sees […]

Bone crushingly tired

My name is Sam J Watkins and since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1977 at the age of four I have been bone crushingly tired. This phrase was used by a politician returning to the Scotish Parliament after the birth of her child. I had a baby in 2000 and the lowering […]

While I was hypo

I’m trying to write this while I’m still hypo becasue I’m kinda interested in what comes out. My blood sugar measured 2.3 mmol/l on my freestyle libre about 3 minutes ago. I’ve had 2 mars bars and they are going to take a while to kick in. My head hurts – the pain is over […]

Let’s do it, let’s talk…

Food.  Boring for many but as a type 1, I need to understand what I eat when. I left home and believed that I knew what a portion looked like.  I got takeouts and shared rice or noodles and used that as my yard stick.  I bolused reasonably and had cerals in a similar manner. […]

A lesson in stress

Readers of my blog know that I am a professional in the IT industry but some of the tools and techniques that we use in that industry are things I have been doing as a type 1 diabetic since I was 8. One of the key things is reviewing a new situation and working out […]

I love a good plan

In What does exercise do to your blood sugar levels? I shared what I did for the 47 mile (45 mile my ****) Palace to Palace run. Planning for 100 miles should be similar.  I am not looking to break any record (though doing it in 8 hours would be amazing), just make it to […]

Then again, when it does work…

When I read my blog, I sometimes feel like it must seem like a bit of a whinge. Type 1 diabetes can be mindblowingly frustrating as no two days are the same and much of the theory regarding what you should do does not cope with the edge cases when the normal rules do not […]

How it comes up…

Thanks to the majority of people being well fed these days, being ill is unusual.  I’m not talking about the odd cold that refuses to shift, but an actual viral infection. As seen from my last post, Sometimes, it just doesn’t work, I should have guess that something was brewing.  It didn’t actually hit until New […]