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May 2018
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Archive for 'Driving off the grid'

The big game changer

Things have been pretty busy this past year.  But the announcement of Tesla’s Model 3 has made a big impact in Suffolk.  I know three people who’ve put down the deposit for one. The Model 3 looks really interesting not least as it will be a game changer for the Leaf and i3.  These bridge […]

It’s been a while

Life with the Leaf becomes the norm pretty quickly and you do just take it for granted.  Since we bought the Leaf in Jan 2014, I cannot imagine using an internal combustion engine for my daily commute.  In fact, my beautiful motorbike is failing to rack up miles as a result. A rhythm is established […]

ICE’d, ICE’d baby

The past few weeks have seemed really busy.  End of financial quarter, new aspects to my job and a lot of travelling. I am currently racking up around 1,000 miles a month in the diesel which feels terrible.  It’s all the best kind of travelling for the beast but still, averaging 40mpg in a 275bhp […]

What a difference a year makes

Much has been in the news lately about the removal of subsidies for home owners who are deciding to move to micro generation of electricity through the use of solar panels. We were in the 2nd wave of adopters and missed out on the 17p per unit feed in tariff or FIT.  To be honest […]

A load off my mind

I have to be honest: I want one! I am sitting at home on a rainy Sunday morning, waiting for the oven to switch itself on to cook the Sunday roast.  We’re having it late today as the 45th Ipswich to Felixstowe vintage car run is due to go past our place in ninety minutes […]

Haven’t you been good!

It’s been incredibly busy the past few months so this is a long time after the fact.  I thought you might like to know… What? Well, we had our first service of the Leaf (although to be honest, we have enjoyed owning it so much that it really didn’t feel like a year). It was […]

A year on…

The last 12 months seem to have flown by, and we are approaching the first anniversary and service for the Leaf. It has covered nearly 5,000 miles as I write this. That is around 500 journeys to work, which seems about right.  After all, this is why we bought the Leaf: to provide a clean, […]

First, the plan

It’s definitely Autumnal at the moment, so naturally, I am planning a reasonably long journey with the Leaf. 116 miles in the South of England is not a treck across the Himalayas! No it is not.  But it is the first long journey I have done in the Electric Car on my own. It will […]

A journey of a 1,000 miles

begins with one small step. Today is a beautiful Autumnal day in the East of England.  Last Friday, my family and I finished the final stage of a flight from Cape Town, ZA to Heathrow Airport, UK and finally the last lag home. Not an environmentally friendly trip, but over the past three years we’ve […]

Now is the winter…

I like winter, from when the leaves start to drop from the trees to when the  rain is sheeting down and when you wake up and the snow has decided to stay beyond the rising of the sun. It is no where near that cold outside yet (this is a picture from Dec 2010), though […]