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April 2023
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Archive for 'Driving off the grid'

Daylight savings coming tomorrow

It’s difficult to think of it in that terms – if you’re an office worker (and I do count those students and teachers as being in that boat), it just feels like a stolen hour of sleep. This was not the original purpose. In 1784, Benjamin Franklin propose aligning “working time” with “available day light” […]

The story is not yet over

I’m writing this while suffering from jet lag, so my body thinks it’s 6pm in the evening rather than 11pm… And that’s despite not having much sleep last night… Oh, this is going to be SO worthwhile! Shhh, bear with me. With this extra time I managed to screw up my contribution to the tado […]

While away some time before popping out

… to get some of the things I cannot buy in my main shop. Like many, I do the majority of my shopping from a supermarket. But they don’t do everything and besides, I did forget a couple of things. Why the wait, well I live in a football town, so waiting until kick-off has […]

Why insulate if it’s all for nothing?

Rebound effect cancels out home insulations impact on gas use study was not a headline I welcomed on Sunday, as a keen advocate of insulation. I read the article with interest, not least because I feared I’d led everyone reading this blog down a blind alley by encouraging increasing insulation. But wait, for us, a […]

Hark winter

Today is officially the start of winter as in the northern hemisphere, it is the solstice – the shortest day of the year. Of course, in the southern hemisphere, it is the longest day. All thanks to the earth being on the list, by about 23 to the sun. It’s one of the reasons so […]

Saturday morning left to my own devices

It’s easy to say that Saturday is our going and and getting things done day but today, I am doing something a little different. Having recharged my batteries last night and looking out at a beautiful, and sunny, Saturday morning, my stomach is begining to wake up and ask: what’s going on? I made pasta […]

Last one done and a little home repair

We’re doing a little renovation (replacing the stair and landing carpet) and remodelling (moving my husband’s office upstairs) which has allowed me access to that room’s thermostat. The self-builders we bought from put underfloor heating downstairs with individual room thermostats – really old, mechanical, set the temperature but no other functionality, type room thermostats and […]

Making it count – great to see some interesting schemes coming to the fore

As I sit here, in my comfy home, lit by LED bulbs, lightly heated by timed, thermostatic controls, I’m thanking my efforts over the past 10 years to make my house as energy efficient as possible. I was lucky in that we wanted to change energy supplier relatively shortly after moving into our current home […]

Shocking news giving a bit of a pause to take a breath

Oh, yeah? Another article on insulation. No! Electricity and gas prices went up this month – we were away when this happened, which made it a little more surprising than it perhaps should have been. But, like many who made the move to solar power and EVs early, it’s really not that bad. This year […]

Zapping food to save pounds

Microwaves are often scorned in cook books and recipes but I’m a huge fan – I got my first one when I was 19 as a grown up, but I’d grown up with one in the house. My dad was keen, cooking meat, fish, and egg dishes (seperately, not combined) and his favourite dish was […]