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February 2018
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Shell power

I first learnt to programme on a Commodore C64, and the way I used that computer was through what I now know is a command line interface or CLI.  This interface is a shell between me and the fundamental operating system which allows me, the user, to read data off the storage and put them […]

The king is dead, long live the king

XP dies on the 8th April 2014.  Actually it doesn’t, it’s just that Microsoft is no longer going to support it. While some made the move back in 2006 to Windows 7, many held back and are now looking going straight from Windows XP to Windows 8. If you followed the expected path, Windows 7 […]

A flash in the pan?

It happened this Wednesday: Facebook finally took the top spot globally according to Of course, by the time I write this blog, Google is back up there but what helped Facebook outpace a search engine?  How long before youTube overtakes Google? Over course, it helps to understand what the top ten sites are: we […]

Seasons greetings making a difference to what’s being surfed?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Surfing habits are not significantly different since April this year, apart from the obvious swap between the positions of Twitter and Amazon. Good news for the on-line trader but is this a seasonal blip?  Would you expect surfing habits to move from the twits to the shops? Amazon is […]

Writing an android app – going from JSP to Android app

I wrote the original pump tools back in 2002 as a JavaScript calculator.  As I moved into web service development, I ported the crude calculations library to a Java bean interface to a set of libraries.  I put a jsp front end to collect data from the user. This is great and one of the […]

Working in the cloud

My career in the past five years has enabled me to see how work will evolve going into the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. It’s enabled my company to make effective use of social networking and harness the creativity provided by Web 2 tools and real collaboration. Now, I’ve been seeing how cloud is […]

Making the most of what you get

I have a BT internet account (aka a btinternet) which, I have been long told, provides me with some default web space. Mostly, my web site exists on my home machine: I have a dedicated server running a later version of linux which not only provides me with a voice on the web, but also […]

We’re social!

Twitter has easily replaced RSS as the communication channel of choice. Only 5 years ago, RSS was seen as the most effective way to allow web viewers to receive federated content. Two things changed this. First: Firefox 2 and IE 7, launched within days of each other in October 2006, both chose to only render […]

Getting your point across…

I love better ways of achieving something.  Talking, demonstrating and presenting on this subject always makes my day.  It also scares me more than anything else I do regularly. There are many sites giving you great advice on how to get your message across but I often find it’s the little things that get in […]

Resourceful thinking

Times are tough for everyone. Only today, BBC 4 news stated how few people were able to do (and get paid for) overtime. Smarter harder not harder is coupled with the need to promote yourself in the work place. So here are some things I thought I’d share with you, dear reader. Detlef Nauck has […]