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April 2024
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Archive for 'Programming'

Some basic facts about software engineering

I wrote my first programme thanks to my mum asking a basic question having typed out a load of programmes from books so we could all learn how to do computer programming – “what do you want to do next?”. That was when I really learnt about testing and how to prove something worked. As […]

That A+ feeling

Back when I launched my first web service, I came across the SSL Labs. This is a free service that allows you to check the status of a website in terms of its encrypted transport layer Eh? You know, the little green or grey lock symbol on your web address bar that let’s you know […]

Windows 10 fun and games

I have been working as a delivery manager for a large company specialising in complex integration problems. Essentially, up to now my role has been working out how we can make best use of our toolset. That is coming to an end, so I am now looking at the technical aspects of my role. Which […]

Simplicity in a complex world – recovered from the Wayback machine

[Originally posted October 28th, 2016] It’s been a strange week not least for the first time in ages, I’ve had few if any firm plans. No hospital appointments, holiday plans or things I need to squeeze in.  My kid turned 16 (2 more years to go) and is currently out learning how to ride. Seriously, […]

The 28 day problem

The past five weeks have had some interesting learning code wise 🙂 Normally, smime messages are signed with the public key signature embedded in the message.  It allows quick and simple verification of who has sent the message and whether that signature is valid against a root certificate.  The root certificate is typically held in […]

Video kiosk pi

For Christmas, I got a raspberry pi 2, which I love. But what to do with my old pis?  Obviously, having an old one around doing a useful job of motion capture, streamed straight out to the web. But what about the other one?  What can be usefully done with a small computer with a […]

JBuilder migration by hand

This is for the hard core coders out there. This is unlikely to appeal if you are not a java developer or designer. I thought I would share this as it has taken me a few days of work to find this method. Hopefully it will save someone some time somewhere in the world 🙂 […]