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July 2024
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DIY is not what I wish to do

Many things are happening tomorrow, the result of which is I’ve just spent the best part of 6 hours designing and making a pump case so I have the luxury of being where I was this morning at 6am with a new insulin pump.

Let me explain.

My first ever pump came with three cases when it turned up: a clip case, a “sleep” case and a neoprene one.

Every case was exactly what it needed to be.  The clip allowed it to be attached to the edge of clothing and yet rotate so it was easy to read the pump at any one time.


The neoprene one allowed the pump to be protected while rough and tumbling or performing some sporting activities.  I have dropped the pump with these cases on and had absolutely no damage to the pump.  Not quite indestructible but with it being waterproof as well takes the stress out of swimming and sailing too.

The sleep case was always my go to case.  I wear it long, across my body with any kind of PJs or night dresses or indeed when in leggings lounging round the house on a cold winter’s day.  The real benefit is while sleeping – as an occasional sleep walker when hypo, having the pump firmly attached is a game and face saver.

So may I ask why only a couple of pump manufacturers or indeed other “case” suppliers do not include such items in their ranges, please?

I bought material, formed a design that would protect the pump, allow easy reuse of the older cases I no longer need and then made the cases.  My husband feels I should be very proud of my efforts but it’s just annoying.

I am not a seamstress or tailor; people with these skills would have knocked up the one measly case I have produced at this time in minutes rather than hours and in better material than I have been able to source – I ended up using a plain soft cotton as you would use for a child’s romper suit rather than the slick Alcantara my pump manufacturer sourced and worked out all the design issues.

At £15 it was a bargin in terms of price too – most cases last 20 years, I know, I have ones that old.

When a pump retails at £2,500, the assurance of having that device protected even over night is gratefully received much more than the colour of the pump.

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