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February 2024
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The truth about being a parent

When I was diagnosed diabetic, one of my parents’ concerns was if I’d get to have children. As a young child, with a mum and dad who didn’t spend much time at home while they were growing up due to going to boarding schools, they didn’t have much of a social life outside of work. […]

Money for nothing…

The Bank Rate or the rate of interest charged by the Bank of England is important news, but as a history buff, when I sat down and worked out what it would cost me to buy a house I used a rate of 19%. Why? I remembered seeing this as an advertised rate for a […]

Number crunching while I cannot do much else

I did a maths degree and computer science because I love the synergy of what can be done with number processing. Computers can chew through series without pausing to take a breath: what’s not to like? While I’m physically laid up, and 45 minutes playing with these numbers, I am shattered – I am supposed […]

How could a footprint tax work?

In 1989, the then Conservative government brought in a poll tax. Rather badly as it happened as couples with a stay at home parent often had a much larger council tax bill each year – indiscriminantly, so the less well paid workers were hit hardest. In May 1991, the tax was abolished and a property […]

Our way

Of the holiday season, New Year’s Eve is my favourite day and I still have to wait one whole day for it. Having had the feast on Christmas Day (turned out really well, despite some miscommunication), and cleared it and the left overs away (final meal today, largely thanks to visiting friends and relatives), I […]

Success in 100 minutes of cooking

Monday all went without a hitch. The bird went in to the second of the right time and came out duly. As my beloved husband was doing the potatoes, he did not feel the need to tell me when, so I did forget to take the foil off at the wrong time and he didn’t […]

Not going out, we’re just staying in

Caught up with an old friend today but took a bit of a risk and cooked something relatively new.  Which is always a bit scary not least when you’ve kind of insisted on it (makes my life a bit easier). To make some much needed space in the fridge, I’d already decided to cook a […]

Stretching the imagination, but not the waistline nor the budget

So there have been a number of changes in our life, not least the amount of cooking we’re doing at home. Which opens opportunities. Not least in terms of planning in three big areas: reducing waste, reducing waist, and reducing cost. I’m 171cm tall as an absolute max – that is first thing in the […]

A wonderful time of year

I love Christmas, but before the glorious 12th, I’m a bit down. This is a little new because I didn’t know my diagnosis date for certain for many, many years, but I knew it was around this time before Christmas. I know it’s a bit strange because this all happened a long time ago, 46 […]

What did I feel about being diagnosed?

When you are sick, things happen to you and around you. I’d been to the doctor’s recently and went back home in a slightly worse state than I’d gone in because I still hadn’t been diagnosed. The locum GP thought I “didn’t look diabetic to [them]”. Some people think you’re too young to remember what […]