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November 2018
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Thank you, google

Go back to last week and it became obvious that while I’d been backing up my data regularly I hadn’t actually tested that backup. That has been rectified, but I had suffered some data loss. Thankfully, not a huge amount not least down to Google taking a cached copy of my site reasonably regularly.  It […]

Looking at the world in a different way

One of the things I do everyday as a software engineer is look at solving problems. That skill comes in handy in real life too.  We’re having our bedroom remodelled – we’re taking out a dressing room, which isn’t very useful and freeing up some space in the main entrance way for a large cupboard.  […]

Classification of diabetes mellitus

In the case of diabetes mellitus, a rose by any other name does not necessarily smell as sweet. As a young child growing up in the seventies, very little was generally known about diabetes mellitus and in many ways the definition of type 1 and 2 helped identify that age was not a factor in […]

Things I have learnt the past four weeks while riding

Route 51 has taught me a few things, not least how to make best use of my bike and its gears. There are a few facts I have picked up on the way which I would never have found out otherwise. Great Barton railway crossing Is surprising: not least in how cyclists and horses make […]

What does exercise do to your blood sugar levels?

The first time I do an exercise, especially if I am heavily learning skills and techniques, will drop my blood sugar while I am doing the exercise. If I have had a big break for an activity that also holds true. But that only holds true for that one time. After that the following happens: […]


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What is protected

My bike ride yesterday made me think about recovery, both physical and mental. I had a serious accident and I needed surgery to recover from it.  The bones then needed time to heal.  In practical terms, bones take six to eight weeks to heal enough to be whole. The soft tissue damage takes much longer.  […]

High life?

How on a minute, is there something you want to tell me? What do you mean? Well, you’ve blogged once in a blue moon the past year and this week, this is your fourth… Oh, I had an operation last week and while I am not up to my usual fettle (I am sleeping nearly […]

Enough to put you off your cuppa?

We had our smart meter fitted today.  Not only do we generate our own electricity (honestly, even today when the showers are continual, we are generating 140W) but we can see when to make the best use of that electricity. Given this has been a good year: from 1st January 2018 to the 9th August […]

Lighting up my world

I ended up with a day on my hands. I could have spent it feeling sorry for myself (and did start down that route) before I picked myself up by the scruff of my neck and gave myself a shake down! Get to the chase?  So what? Over the past 5 years, I have had […]