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May 2018
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What I learnt today!

I see everyday as an opportunity to learn something new. Today, I spent some time with my lovely web server which is connected to the internet from home. Today, I was adding a video card (VisionTek Radeon 4350 PCIe 512MB SFF DDR2 B2 Retail (w/ CFI HDMI dongle)) and updated the operating system and moved […]

Hardly a swan swimming serenely

The human body is an amazing machine, continually changing and adapting to its environment. This has led to our relatively slowly reproducing species to cover almost all of the planet and thrive. When part of your body’s key metabolic functions is being supplied mechanically, this continual evolution can be hard to manage!  As I don’t […]

Words to the wise – recreating Unix’s touch function in Windows

Creating an empty file. type nul >> your_file.txt copy /b filename.ext +,, The following works through a set of files in a directory and refreshes the date of them.  Useful if your company has a policy for deleting old files automatically, using Powershell. (ls your-file-name-here).LastWriteTime = Get-Date Get-ChildItem . * -recurse | ForEach-Object{$_.LastWriteTime = get-date} […]

Qualys updates checks against Drown and cipher suites

Changes to TLS protocols Jet lag meant I reverified my site against Qualys’ SSL Server test. New concerns have lead to them tightening their tests to help you protect your identity on line. In particular, forward secracy. Check out how to help set your web server correctly!

Fixing the face

Having found I required an operation, we’re then looking at some fundamentals of how the NHS works. There are two basic types of operation: scheduled/elective or emergency.  Because my operation was the result of an accident, although it wasn’t life threatening, it was deemed a “planned emergency”.  I was being admitted Sunday for a hopeful […]

Life moves on

Backup your blog. I didn’t so this post follows up from one I have lost. I will get round to re-writing it. In the meantime, on the 27th August 2017 I came off my push bike at around 20 mph failing to make it up a supposedly drop curb. Resultant head injuries were identified while […]

Joys of travel

As you can tell from my blog, I love travelling. I have a motorbike, push bike, car (ICE and EV), canoe and am reasonably happy to use public travel though buses and trains do tend to make me travel sick 😀 I used to love flying, I have had two flying lessons though after 29th […]

You sound really busy, how do you fit it all in?

Working mum, full time specialist in my company, STEM ambassador, advanced motorcyclist, mentor.. I ask for help!  I cannot do everything, so I employ a cleaner.  I have a good relationship with my endocrinologist, my GP and my pharmacist, who help me to keep alive. I do plan.  I do prioritise.  Sometimes, I have  to […]

Two wrongs do not make a right

We moved into our current home in 2013.  I had watched it being built in 2006 as I learnt to ride my motorbike and remembered the disappointment when I realised it would be a chalet bungalow.  What a shame! When we were looking to move in 2012, it was on the market and the photos […]

The 28 day problem

The past five weeks have had some interesting learning code wise 🙂 Normally, smime messages are signed with the public key signature embedded in the message.  It allows quick and simple verification of who has sent the message and whether that signature is valid against a root certificate.  The root certificate is typically held in […]