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August 2018
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High life?

How on a minute, is there something you want to tell me? What do you mean? Well, you’ve blogged once in a blue moon the past year and this week, this is your fourth… Oh, I had an operation last week and while I am not up to my usual fettle (I am sleeping nearly […]

Enough to put you off your cuppa?

We had our smart meter fitted today.  Not only do we generate our own electricity (honestly, even today when the showers are continual, we are generating 140W) but we can see when to make the best use of that electricity. Given this has been a good year: from 1st January 2018 to the 9th August […]

Lighting up my world

I ended up with a day on my hands. I could have spent it feeling sorry for myself (and did start down that route) before I picked myself up by the scruff of my neck and gave myself a shake down! Get to the chase?  So what? Over the past 5 years, I have had […]

I > ^∨

I’m hoping this blog makes sense as I am using it to make some sense of what has been happening to me the past few weeks. Like what? Well, following my accident last August, while it is obvious that some things have healed (and healed well), there have been some unforeseen consequences. See above? I’ve […]

Thank you xox

Today I got to directly (rather than indirectly) benefit from the Wayback machine.  Back in January, I lost my blog due largely to not understanding precisely how Centos’ installation programme actually worked and lost my blog’s archive. Thankfully, my blog has been periodically captured on the Wayback machine since 2008 when I started it! Nothing […]

Taking some time to smell the roses – recovered from the Wayback machine

[Originally posted on October 26th, 2016] While my man never promised me a rose garden, we did manage to buy a house with one:  Here is a photo from June of one of the finer blooms.  One of the best things about the whole rose bush outside your front door is that you do get […]

Service! – recovered from the Wayback machine

[Originally posted on October 26th, 2016] As a grown up, there are few things as good as someone else cooking and clearing up after you. I value it and I reward it. More importantly, I do not reward bad service.  Good service costs nothing, bad service costs customers.  As a waitress working in a well […]

Simplicity in a complex world – recovered from the Wayback machine

[Originally posted October 28th, 2016] It’s been a strange week not least for the first time in ages, I’ve had few if any firm plans. No hospital appointments, holiday plans or things I need to squeeze in.  My kid turned 16 (2 more years to go) and is currently out learning how to ride. Seriously, […]

Hedging your bets – a few words on a quick task – recoverd from the Wayback machine

[Originally posted on the November 11th, 2016] By 8:32 this morning, we had a beech hedge in place of the old laurel one 😀 Beech Hedge taken by Jon Fowler At 7:22 this morning, the trench was approached and we lay out each “whip” ready to be propped up and filled in with earth.  (Apologies […]

Two steps forward, one step back – recovered from the Wayback machine!

[Originally posted on the December 4th, 2016] Three years ago, as part of my job, I was involved in the UK role out of smart meters, which are basically mobile devices metering your gas and electricity and sending the data back to your energy provider.  As a consumer, this is great because you can see […]