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July 2024
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It’s that time of year again

The past few weeks have been fun and games recovering from a cracked rib – 12 weeks it took in the end, which is a little quicker than the average type 1 but still significantly more than I’ve ever given a broken bone to heal… I caught a cold/cough while the rib was painful which […]

Dream, plan, achievement

Now some DIY is out of the way, I am catching up on my blogging. One of my dreams for 2019, apart from my son getting a university place, is to achieve two long distance cycle rides. The first is 100 miles for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.  The Prudential Ride London, 3-4 August 2019, […]

Procrastination is the thief of time

Since the long ride last week, I’ve been focusing on sub 10 mile runs but my training plan says today is my last day and given most of my riding has been in East Anglia the past six weeks, I need to ensure I am ready for them there hills of Berkshire. Where I live […]

Things I have learnt the past four weeks while riding

Route 51 has taught me a few things, not least how to make best use of my bike and its gears. There are a few facts I have picked up on the way which I would never have found out otherwise. Great Barton railway crossing Is surprising: not least in how cyclists and horses make […]

Route 51, part 2

I cannot sleep: with my last set of training, I learnt how my body performs muscle filling, so I went to bed at 22:34 and fell asleep pretty soon after having set up a 70% temporary basal rate. When that completed at 01:36, I woke up, found I was a little low and treated with […]

Route 51, part 1

Don’t you mean route 66? No, National Cycle route 51 is a part shared, part dedicated cycle route from two of the larger towns in Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds and Ipswich.  In fact, at either end it completes within a mile or two of the railway station, allowing you to complete the circuit by letting […]

What does exercise do to your blood sugar levels?

The first time I do an exercise, especially if I am heavily learning skills and techniques, will drop my blood sugar while I am doing the exercise. If I have had a big break for an activity that also holds true. But that only holds true for that one time. After that the following happens: […]

Getting going

One of the downsides to the Palace to Palace ride is that it is happening in October. October is properly autumn; the weather could be anything from a balmy 20℃ to a chilling 2℃.  Then there’s a chilly north sourced gale to a gentle shower with little or no wind.  Or, of course, fog.  It […]