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May 2024
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Archive for 'The Hayabusa Journeys'

The joys of winter

I’m not discussing the joys of winter sports at the moment, but the thrill of going for a walk in to town with an air temperature of 10°C and a wind chill providing a real feel of -5°C! The sky is overcast and to beat the Christmas Shopping parking blues, I take the bottles to […]

End of an era

There are many small jobs there are to do on a vehicle, nothing separates cars and motorbikes like replacing the “tax disc”. Actually, the circular piece of paper that demonstrates that you have paid your vehicle excise duty not the vehicle tax, although, confusingly, the portal for paying the duty is called the tax disc site. […]

My experience in learning to ride

I love motorcycling, it makes the commute to work a fun place to be and while I’d never take a car out for a fun drive, I love popping out for 30 minutes or so on the bike. Since I did my first CBT and subsequently bought a bike the requirements of passing the test […]

There’s something in the air…

I don’t quite know what’s going on, but I have been asked by a number of friends recently about how to get in (or return) to biking: the major question has been kit.  What do you need and what’s worth spending money on? Learning to ride a motorcycle is amazing and when I did my […]

What a difference road layout makes

Since I last wrote an entry for the Hayabusa Journals, there have been some changes. The first has to be the purchase of an ER6.  This is a 650 V-twin Kawasaki bought for a short commute into the centre of our closest town for a short term contract.  That placement actually stopped early, so in […]

Framlingham Gala and much flag waving

It’s summer and I am doing more journeys with the bike.  Despite being showery, there haven’t really been any no bike days this summer in Suffolk.  But using the bike can lead to the “I wouldn’t trust myself on a bike like yours” conversations. My bike doesn’t have ABS but it is a joy in […]

The Hayabusa journeys, part 2: Why get a 1300cc black and blue bike?

As some may or may not know, I had tried a Hayabusa back in 2008 as the restriction came off my license. I had no intention of going from my 650 Bandit to a 1300 “supersport” bike in 2008 but I also had been largely stuck with the Bandit until my restriction came off and […]

The Hayabusa journeys, part 1: Ipswich to Swansea and riding up some gravel track mountains

At very short notice, I was given 6 weeks off work and I was determined to do something fun with it. I remembered fond talk of the BMW off-road skills course in Wales (Beverly and David Rudland especially), so looked up the details ( ) and with 8 days to go until the next […]