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November 2018
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Archive for 'Diabetes'

Closing the loop

’ve been using tools and mathematical models to establish my insulin requirements for a while.  I keep the links to these calculators on my pump pages and thank my lucky stars for first wifi and then 3 and then 4G mobile networks. Most of them I have produced myself while allowing them to be tailored […]

Classification of diabetes mellitus

In the case of diabetes mellitus, a rose by any other name does not necessarily smell as sweet. As a young child growing up in the seventies, very little was generally known about diabetes mellitus and in many ways the definition of type 1 and 2 helped identify that age was not a factor in […]

Route 51, part 2

I cannot sleep: with my last set of training, I learnt how my body performs muscle filling, so I went to bed at 22:34 and fell asleep pretty soon after having set up a 70% temporary basal rate. When that completed at 01:36, I woke up, found I was a little low and treated with […]

What does exercise do to your blood sugar levels?

The first time I do an exercise, especially if I am heavily learning skills and techniques, will drop my blood sugar while I am doing the exercise. If I have had a big break for an activity that also holds true. But that only holds true for that one time. After that the following happens: […]

Verbal contracts

In the UK, a verbal contract is binding. If you say something will work in a certain way, that is binding. That makes presentations vital. It also makes what is said to you equally important as what is written down. When it comes to my diabetes, I use a Powerpoint presentation (other tools are available) […]

You’re not disabled

In the UK, type 1 diabetes is recognised as a disability in terms employment law. When my blood sugar is normal and predictable, this seems a little heavy handed.  By colleagues, I have been given a look to say you must be joking.  It’s all in your control and it doesn’t need protection under law. […]

Writing your business case for a Freestyle Libre

After self funding for a year, I went to my GP and got my Freestyle Libre on prescription. For me, it costed in like this. Costs of running my insulin replacement therapy on blood tests Item Cost per item Number of items Total cost per month Freestyle Optium strips £19.89 4 (I know, that’s 200 […]

I > ^∨

I’m hoping this blog makes sense as I am using it to make some sense of what has been happening to me the past few weeks. Like what? Well, following my accident last August, while it is obvious that some things have healed (and healed well), there have been some unforeseen consequences. See above? I’ve […]

Hardly a swan swimming serenely

The human body is an amazing machine, continually changing and adapting to its environment. This has led to our relatively slowly reproducing species to cover almost all of the planet and thrive. When part of your body’s key metabolic functions is being supplied mechanically, this continual evolution can be hard to manage!  As I don’t […]

Fixing the face

Having found I required an operation, we’re then looking at some fundamentals of how the NHS works. There are two basic types of operation: scheduled/elective or emergency.  Because my operation was the result of an accident, although it wasn’t life threatening, it was deemed a “planned emergency”.  I was being admitted Sunday for a hopeful […]