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Hardly a swan swimming serenely

The human body is an amazing machine, continually changing and adapting to its environment. This has led to our relatively slowly reproducing species to cover almost all of the planet and thrive. When part of your body’s key metabolic functions is being supplied mechanically, this continual evolution can be hard to manage!  As I don’t […]

Fixing the face

Having found I required an operation, we’re then looking at some fundamentals of how the NHS works. There are two basic types of operation: scheduled/elective or emergency.  Because my operation was the result of an accident, although it wasn’t life threatening, it was deemed a “planned emergency”.  I was being admitted Sunday for a hopeful […]

Life moves on

Backup your blog. I didn’t so this post follows up from one I have lost. I will get round to re-writing it. In the meantime, on the 27th August 2017 I came off my push bike at around 20 mph failing to make it up a supposedly drop curb. Resultant head injuries were identified while […]

Joys of travel

As you can tell from my blog, I love travelling. I have a motorbike, push bike, car (ICE and EV), canoe and am reasonably happy to use public travel though buses and trains do tend to make me travel sick 😀 I used to love flying, I have had two flying lessons though after 29th […]

I’ve got the day off…

Not interesting, so what? I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations.  As a graduate, when I left university, I did’t expect to be having great conversations as a 43 year old.  I was very wrong. Please find the chase! Sorry.  My endocrinologist was a young lady which in 39 years was the first time (at […]

At 1am this morning, something changed

Actually that’s a little unfair, I have been considering this for a while but the resolution harden at 1:04am this morning. In 2002, I bought my first insulin pump and it was nearly perfect.  Unfortunately, its design based around an insulin pen cartridge is not a profitable one for any manufacturer, so I now cannot […]

What’s in a name? A rose as sweet…

Being a type 1 diabetic puts me in a reasonably unique position as far as NHS prescriptions matter. If my insulin was re-branded tomorrow, my prescription with the old name would still be valid as it is describing a medicine.  In fact, under UK and European law, we now order medicines via their generic names […]

Spreading the joy

If there is one truth in my life it is that I love to learn. Yesterday, I got to share some of my learning about Insulin Kinetics with a group of gifted and talented students at Ipswich School. And thanks to Wikipedia I could reuse with modification the insulin structure image to help share what […]


It is Sunday, 14th December 2014.  13,516 days ago (that’s 37 calendar years to you and me) I received insulin to treat diabetic ketoacidosis as I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus. The expectation at the time was not great: being a girl and before the introduction of home testing for blood glucose, it […]

60 days in: a comparison of two pumps

NB this is not teaching you what pumping is and expects you to be familiar with some of the terms.  It is a breakdown of the operational and design features of some of the insulin pumps on the market with an in depth view on the Accu-chek DTron, Early Medtronic Paradigm and Animas Vibe pumps. […]