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February 2024
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Archive for 'Diabetes'

As I’m not up to working…

I love reading, but just fiction wanes after a few days. So, I’ve been catching up on some type 1 diabetes literature. The American government is particularly keen on publishing papers, and Type 1 Diabetes Through the Life Span: A Position Statement of the American Diabetes Association caught my eye. One of the difficulties we […]

Brain is OK, rest of body…

I’m unwell.  I run a low body temperature, but when my body was doing everything it could to generate a fever on Tuesday, I took the hint, so while the body is weak, the mind is racing. Type 1 diabetes means that all the mechanisms my body is relying on to get a fever are […]

A wonderful time of year

I love Christmas, but before the glorious 12th, I’m a bit down. This is a little new because I didn’t know my diagnosis date for certain for many, many years, but I knew it was around this time before Christmas. I know it’s a bit strange because this all happened a long time ago, 46 […]

What did I feel about being diagnosed?

When you are sick, things happen to you and around you. I’d been to the doctor’s recently and went back home in a slightly worse state than I’d gone in because I still hadn’t been diagnosed. The locum GP thought I “didn’t look diabetic to [them]”. Some people think you’re too young to remember what […]

Shh, but there are things you wouldn’t believe I can do. But I shouldn’t have to do that.

I hate to say this, but I have a feeling this might turn into a whinge Shock, horror, no? Hey, I try not to moan. Life is on the whole pretty amazing. Great job, really interesting and despite being the wrong side of 50 now, I’m still learning some really cool things. After four beloved […]

So, is it better to cook yourself or by in ready made?

When my mum started earning decent money by returning to work full time, my childhood home saw more ready meals coming into the house. “Bung ’em in the oven”s, delicious meals you simply heat through. My son was much younger than us when I returned to work, and like my mum, we had three or […]

All change

It’s strange how lives evolve. I got my bread maker in 2006 as a Christmas present. My husband was not convinced this was a good present but our son didn’t like bread and we’d been throwing out part eaten loaves because we couldn’t get one small enough for when we could eat it. Commercial bread […]

To B or not to B, that is the question

You’ve spelt be wrong! Not I haven’t, the B is not the infinitive of the verb but whether or not it is nobler in the mind to bolus before food is estimated to arrive. What?! The B is for bolus and ideally, I should take the dose I need to cover “basic food”, things like […]

A year and a bit in

On the 13th Jan 2021, I got my Tandem TSlim with Control-ID. This is a hybrid closed loop continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pump. Working with my Dexcom G6 (an update for the G7 is due at some point, as per but not yet), it can learn how to correct high and low blood sugar. […]

It’s been an interesting week

I’ve had a Tandem T-slim pump since January and not had a great deal of success running the “closed loop” (there are so many wrong things about that statement, that yes, I have put it in quotes, more about that later). Coming up to my 45th diaversary, I am kinda familiar with what I need […]