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February 2018
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Joys of travel

As you can tell from my blog, I love travelling. I have a motorbike, push bike, car (ICE and EV), canoe and am reasonably happy to use public travel though buses and trains do tend to make me travel sick 😀 I used to love flying, I have had two flying lessons though after 29th […]

I’ve got the day off…

Not interesting, so what? I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations.  As a graduate, when I left university, I did’t expect to be having great conversations as a 43 year old.  I was very wrong. Please find the chase! Sorry.  My endocrinologist was a young lady which in 39 years was the first time (at […]

At 1am this morning, something changed

Actually that’s a little unfair, I have been considering this for a while but the resolution harden at 1:04am this morning. In 2002, I bought my first insulin pump and it was nearly perfect.  Unfortunately, its design based around an insulin pen cartridge is not a profitable one for any manufacturer, so I now cannot […]

What’s in a name? A rose as sweet…

Being a type 1 diabetic puts me in a reasonably unique position as far as NHS prescriptions matter. If my insulin was re-branded tomorrow, my prescription with the old name would still be valid as it is describing a medicine.  In fact, under UK and European law, we now order medicines via their generic names […]

Spreading the joy

If there is one truth in my life it is that I love to learn. Yesterday, I got to share some of my learning about Insulin Kinetics with a group of gifted and talented students at Ipswich School. And thanks to Wikipedia I could reuse with modification the insulin structure image to help share what […]


It is Sunday, 14th December 2014.  13,516 days ago (that’s 37 calendar years to you and me) I received insulin to treat diabetic ketoacidosis as I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus. The expectation at the time was not great: being a girl and before the introduction of home testing for blood glucose, it […]

60 days in: a comparison of two pumps

NB this is not teaching you what pumping is and expects you to be familiar with some of the terms.  It is a breakdown of the operational and design features of some of the insulin pumps on the market with an in depth view on the Accu-chek DTron, Early Medtronic Paradigm and Animas Vibe pumps. […]

Big changes

So the DTron is no more I’ve been coping OKish on multiple daily injections of insulin and have (touch wood) finally got a combination which almost works… Time Actions 0640-0700 Test then potentially bolus now for breakfast at 0800 (or later depending on how high or low I am). 0800-0830 Long acting dose, insulatard, small […]


The outlook is not good. In 1993, on the back of a piece of paper I drew what I thought a pump should look like: a motor, a casing and a pen cartridge, some tubing and the cannula.  In 2002, I got my first pump and it looked like that, albeit with a 3ml cartridge […]

It’s the way you look at it

I have just finished listening to an interview of Tanni Grey-Thompson by Aled Jones: what a terrific person.  Someone I would definitely want to talk to if I ever met in a pub or on a train. One of the most interesting things Tanni talked about was when she got her first wheel-chair.  This isn’t […]