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April 2023
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Archive for 'Driving off the grid'

Welcome back to the show

Sorry for the delay since my last post but it has been an exciting few weeks. Our son dropped out of university but made a good go at things in Newcastle but as his flat mates have moved away, he had no home so has returned. We were not unhappy empty nesters but having an […]

A lesson learnt and reused

During lockdown, I started to make fresh pasta.  Which is great from a taste and cooking point of view, but not great from a food waste point of view unless you make use of this handy tip. Oh yeah, one word from the wise, eh? Hey, enough of that.  Collect knowledge. Several sites spoke of […]

Keeping it low while the heat is rising

Today is likely to be one of the hottest days in the UK and at 11:28 the temperature in my lounge is around 24.8°C, and that’s with the south facing windows protected by closed curtains.  I know as while the boiler is off, if it’s not burning gas it’s not getting hot, the room thermostats […]

Living with V2G

That’s vehicle to grid to you and me. When we’re not driving, our car is plugged in to a charger which is controlled by our energy supplier. This is key – our supplier, Ovo, do not have ANY means of generating electricity but they are a supplier.  Well, technically, a value added reseller. That’s the […]

Weird science

I started a new job on Tuesday, which has meant I am working in a different, swanky, office. Swanky? It’s been recently refurbed and thanks to lockdown, largely unsoiled since the work was done. Of course that means you try many new things. One of my learning points today was a different type of charging […]

As it is a sunny day, I am lazing my days away

What? That’s not practising what you preach! You’re right and I’m not: in fact I’m multitasking.  Well, I hope. I thought I’d share my first go at microwaving (or at least partially microwaving) a roast chicken. What on earth for? Well, I hear many people saying they cannot afford to cook given how high energy […]

Summer time and the living is easy…

fish are jumping and the cotton is high… Not so easy for some! It was my husband’s turn to do the weekly shopping and I think he went shopping hungry – big mistake, big supermarket bill just for two people! We have very little food waste.  But that is largely as we both take account […]

EPC, what does it mean to me?

I think it’s very easy to see EPC, or energy performance certificates to the uninitiated, as being theoretical ideals and bearing no relationship to the real world. But over the 20 years they have been around, they have improved the estimates no end. As a nation, we understand that our winters are cold (and damp) […]

‘B’ happy

Eh? Few things in life are as good as enjoying time with friends, catching up on what’s been going on, and getting to enjoy the world going by your back garden. Oh, yeah? Yes. It’s well known that humans are gregarious and after the past couple of years, it’s great when old traditions start up […]

Watching the seconds tick by

Oh no, not another depressing one? Hey, stop that. No, I’m back on energy consumption now the clocks have gone forward… Oh, all right then, though looking at energy prices, it’s not that happy-a-subject Thanks, I think. Like many couples, we sat down and looked at some of the changes in the last budget. While […]