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July 2024
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Finding a balance

I like to be busy. It drives my son up the wall: but if I am sitting down and see a task that needs doing, I am on my feet and looking for the means of getting it done.

This has some issues – I love my job but, if I’m not careful my “overly diligent” take on my job can mean I do not take the time to ensure I am working at my best.

So how can I manage such dilemas?

Hobbies help. You know I am keen on my eco-friendly living and that means I am doing something very different to my professional jobs.

Today, I have use the microwave to cook my chicken and produce four batches of stock. One batch will be used to make a tasty soup for later today, along with the bread I cooked on Friday, making use of some toil I’d built during the week.

Before any cooking happened, I cook my laundry on to make use of the solar – not much money coming in from the feed into the grid payments, but we haven’t spent anything on cooking.

We’ve been celebrating the prospect of living rent free next month, so using dishes that go well with some champers. To help achieve our dream, I’d written some simulations of what we could do without crippling ourselves and making the most of every pound earnt. Maximising our bang per pound, so to speak.

Many moons ago, I’d given a puzzle ring, sometimes called a Celtic Puzzle Ring or Hareem Puzzle Ring, in parts, on the condition that when I put it back together, I could keep it. Like a fool in love, I’d given it to a beau about six months before we split – I never saw the ring again.

So, I now have a replacement one. To keep fidgetty hands busy.

Of course, the next step is replacing our boiler… Then the longer term plans.

May be a bit of time sitting in the garden, enjoying the sun, and finishing off my bedtime reading.

Busy, making life good.

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