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July 2024
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Number crunching while I cannot do much else

I did a maths degree and computer science because I love the synergy of what can be done with number processing.

Computers can chew through series without pausing to take a breath: what’s not to like?

While I’m physically laid up, and 45 minutes playing with these numbers, I am shattered – I am supposed to be going back to work on Wednesday…

Focus! Why are we here today?

Good point. I’ve pulled out our smart meter data, and it makes interesting reading:

I’ve enclosed the graph of the electricity and gas consumption against our electricity production.

Energy consumption and production

Now, this data is looking at the full 90 days available to me, though I might start just pulling off calendar months…

We can see here that while we are consuming electricity, we are also producing (and donating) electricity. Though at vastly different rates.

In our case, that production is from our solar cells and are car donating electricity into the grid.

The only way we can tell which is which is by comparing our solar and V2G logs.

We are not in Kansas any longer, Dorothy. Imagine how complex this gets once you combine in microgeneration from combined heat and power units or from wind turbines…

That’s not to say what the UK is doing is not very sane in terms of getting consumers to group together with feed in tarrif payments and buy-in subsidies. Since these have disappeared, of course, and prices have climbed, many more people are looking at batteries and other power storage mechanisms such as heating hot water (we’re doing this with a Solar iBoost).


Actually, Tonto, this might be one of the more interesting of the things I talk about here.

If we want to keep our energy targets and reduce global warming, this kind of thing becomes very interesting. Simple choices, such as cooking by microwave (last week, I used dramatically less electricity by cooking from scratch in the microwave). We all have a part to play and it doesn’t have to be by expecting other people to tell us what decisions we need to make.

This data is available – what can you do with yours?

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