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When I first bought a microwave, I vowed never to do a roast chicken in it. As a child, I'd be subjected to my parents' experiements with their first microwave and thought, not for me.

This is very civilised, quick, and low effort. Tastes and looks good.

Microwave roast chicken


  • A raw chicken, 1.626kg - the weight is vital to know, 12 minutes per 450g (please see Microwave roaster).
  • Half a packet of paxo stuffing
  • 1.5 potatoes per person
  • Half a courgette


  1. Make up the paxo or use fresh stuffing.
  2. Optionally: add 15ml sunflower oil to a glass roasting pan. If you have a plump chicken, this can make the roasties a bit soggy. if you're finding this is the case, use 5ml oil and rub around the dish.
  3. Quarter peeled potatoes and prepare to parboil for 5 minutes or add to the bottom of the roasting dish. See NB.
  4. Stuff the chicken and lay it upside down.
  5. Set the combination microwave to 190°C and simmer and set timer to half the time for the dish.
  6. Add the potatoes when there is 45 minutes to go.
  7. When the timer pings, turn the chicken over.
  8. Lay the courgettes on top and do the rest of the time.
  9. Serve normally.

Serve with boiled vegetables and chicken gravy.

NB: it is worth parboiling the potatoes (put potatoes in cold water, bring to the boil for 5 minutes) if the timer is less than 55 minutes to ensure the potatoes are cooked). The "roasties" are a little different cooked this way more baked than crispy. Not unpleasant but difinetly not equivalent.

Afterwards, make microwave chicken stock from scratch.

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