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October 2023
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To B or not to B, that is the question

You’ve spelt be wrong!

Not I haven’t, the B is not the infinitive of the verb but whether or not it is nobler in the mind to bolus before food is estimated to arrive.


The B is for bolus and ideally, I should take the dose I need to cover “basic food”, things like rice and pasta, vegetables, etc, with non-fatty sauces, 15 minutes before I start eating. Such foods are quickly metabolised, releasing their payload of glucose quickly and pretty predictably.

Where-as my current insulin, novorapid (or aspart) takes 15 minutes to start working. Hence the pre-cognition skills type 1s using such insulins need to have to ensure they meet the food about to come… As Douglas Adams pointed out in the Hitch Hiker’s series, talking about time travel is a bitch, please see one-of-the-major-problems-encountered-in-time-travel-is .

Time travel?? Pre-cog?? Are you hypo?!

Grrr, no I’m not. Not even within a margin of error.

I am talking about analogue insulins which are way better than the older animal and “human” insulins in terms of on-set of action, but still no where close to being perfect, especially when delivered subcutaneously.

I have another few days before I can return to my beloved fiasp. Like aspart, fiasp is based on a simple insulin molecule but has the addition of L-arginine and niacinamide to the molecule. L-arginine is an amino acid used to build protein in the human body and niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. The two additions allow the body to absorb the insulin through the subcutaneous layer much more quickly and importanly reliably.

Instead of the 15 minutes before the insulin starts working, the wait is a mere 5 minutes. Given I’m middle aged, that means injecting when I eat should give me great results.

So why write this article, well, while I’m waiting for the days to pass, I have an opportunity. We’re getting take-out, which has a definite ETA and the chance to do just that… Of course, that would assume that the time is guaranteed, traffic delays, someone taking the order to the wrong house, don’t happen…

Let’s just say that I’m counting the days to get back where I was this time two years ago.

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