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March 2024
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Archive for March, 2024

Prograstination is the thief of time

It could be said, as I am writing this, I am not sitting here doing nothing. But this is a poor substitute for being utterly lazy. I normally find the winter is my busy time, both physically and mentally. But that just hasn’t happened this year. Normally, I plan to do things – but that […]

And the lesson for today is…

We have to go back a couple of years now, to when the “energy crisis” first hit. Our electricity was locked but the smart meter reader we had in the house didn’t even have that latest report on it, so the price doubling per unit had no reflection to what our “smart meter” was reporting […]

Catching up March 2024

I was a little quiet last week, my apologies. Now, no-one died or found out some terrible news, but while at my diabetic screening, I left my phone behind and someone took it with them. Thankfully, I realised within 30 minutes and had all my financial business sorted out not much later.  I keep a […]

Where do I fit in?

For many, I don’t count as being disabled. The fact I lost use of my beta cells that mean, without subcutaneously delivered insulin, I would die. Now, my insulin is not delivered in the same way as a non-type 1 diabetic. I programme in my basal to make use of the stores in my body […]

While there’s moonlight and music and love

let’s face the music and dance. As the song goes. The past financial year has seen many companies look at their books and make some key investments in AI and future proofing their industries.  America and Europe have seen a similar climb to the UK, leading to wage increases unseen for nearly fifteen years, when […]

Sitting, looking out on the rain, waiting for it to get better…

I’m sitting watching the rain come to a stop on a cold March day in the UK. The sun is making an appearance and, for the time being, I am waiting for the miracle that is fiasp insulin to work its magic. I’d had a good day yesterday with the insulin I’d programmed in a […]

Experiments in the kitchen

Taking advantage of a discount and the fall out. My husband has an interesting package with his job and after asking both me and our son if we wanted to take part in a small experiment, our grown son finally said yes. To give a little background, I first met my husband before it was […]