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February 2024
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Archive for '42'

Perfect, shared moments

I live in the UK. I grew up in a small town, that like many in the UK has grown beyond all recognition. But I have to say, it has larger places down pat when it comes to celebrating Guy Fawkes night. The British are weird. When we have an audacious assault (that fails) against […]

A bit of a waste of an extra hour…

We are now in British winter time and, as per every year, we get our longest day of the year today as our clocks go back an hour. I have to admit, I spent mine sleeping. I walked to the local corner shop and got my Sunday newspaper before going back home to cook a […]

Some basic facts about software engineering

I wrote my first programme thanks to my mum asking a basic question having typed out a load of programmes from books so we could all learn how to do computer programming – “what do you want to do next?”. That was when I really learnt about testing and how to prove something worked. As […]

Final bank holiday before Christmas

And the last chance for meaningful DIY. For once, I am going beyond the standard painting, weeding, and cleaning.  I’m looking at something a bit different.  Over the past year, we’ve been doing some of the final projects in the house; so it’s the way we want it.  Part of that has been rearranging rooms […]

R and R

Yes, it is a Monday and yet I am catching up on my blog. Why? Well, at a moment’s notice, I took a week’s leave, and because it was such short notice, I felt quite bad about killing my incrediably busy Monday last week. I was pretty tired, and having had a big holiday in […]

Little fixes

I am of an age where I would watch Blue Peter on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and wonder at the “projects” – the making of a Sindy hair salon (yes, really, I’m British, so it was Sindy not Barbie) to a Thunderbirds island. Now, as a kid, these were really impressive but involved having […]

Shh, but there are things you wouldn’t believe I can do. But I shouldn’t have to do that.

I hate to say this, but I have a feeling this might turn into a whinge Shock, horror, no? Hey, I try not to moan. Life is on the whole pretty amazing. Great job, really interesting and despite being the wrong side of 50 now, I’m still learning some really cool things. After four beloved […]

Not what you say, but what you do

It is Sunday afternoon, and I am watching a download of James Martin’s Saturday Morning which I really enjoy but rarely find something there that I can have – it’s definitely treat food not everyday food. I love food, I love tastes and textures. Combinations of ingredients, some contrasting and some complimentary. Herbs and spices, […]

Going mainstream to make the most of the space

When I first read the details for our house, the master bedroom having a walk-in wardrobe was tantalising. A real wow factor. The reality was a bit disappointing – the door for the room hit the main bedroom door and because of sloped ceilings, there was no real room. I took out the single hanging […]

So, is it better to cook yourself or by in ready made?

When my mum started earning decent money by returning to work full time, my childhood home saw more ready meals coming into the house. “Bung ’em in the oven”s, delicious meals you simply heat through. My son was much younger than us when I returned to work, and like my mum, we had three or […]