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May 2024
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It’s that time of year again

The past few weeks have been fun and games recovering from a cracked rib – 12 weeks it took in the end, which is a little quicker than the average type 1 but still significantly more than I’ve ever given a broken bone to heal…

I caught a cold/cough while the rib was painful which meant despite wanting to shift a load, nothing was happening.

I’m also one of the groups who should get a flu vaccination and mostly, I do. The caveat being that I like to be reasonably healthy before it happens as in past experience, the vaccine can be a little unpredictable if I’m under the weather. This aligns with NHS guidelines too.

Feeling way better than I have in weeks, I make the call to the surgery.

“Can you come in for 14:24?”

“In 34 minutes time?”

“Er, yes. Is that too soon?”

“I’ll need to bring the car to guarantee it,” wind, cold and showers being my concern (I know, I’m a wimp), “but yes, I can make that.”

I grab my wallet and head out the door and arrive way too early. Book an appointment to discuss my HRT (another interesting conversation) and settle in for the wait – bang on 14:24, I get called have the conversation about being able to do the shot myself and have enormous difficulty relaxing the muscle (it is prefered to go deep into the muscle) enough to break the skin.

The nurse really wants to do it for me which isn’t helping and I just drop the muscle – nice and floppy, I break skin and drive the punger home.

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