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April 2024
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A year in the cloud

It’s been a busy year, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my experiences of living with a Kindle.

Figure wise, it looks like hope over reality

  • Books downloaded = 84
  • Books read = 25

But actually, this is deceptive. I use the Kindle as a reader for work documents (obviously not the highly sensitive or confidential ones) but it does PDF rendering beautifully and 5 of the books on my kindle are manuals, including the one for my car and my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Having that information with me everywhere without the risk of losing the original is fantastic.

I’ve loaded 75 PDFs on to the Kindle and use collections to find the documents I need quickly. Average size of these documents is 50 pages.

I’ve recently started a job as a designer of Virtual Desktop Installations and having that material to take home and study has been great – in fact, I’ve recently borrowed some cloud philosophy books from the library at work and it’s a real pain having to remember whether I’ve brought them home with me!

I’ve had to modify the Library to store these electronic books as well. In many ways, it would be great if I could go from the completed ereading page to buy a hardcopy (only 7 of these books, but still…) This would allow me to lend the books I’ve loved with my friends and family.

And that’s really the big problem: Amazon still don’t have an easy way to lend documents without giving up my device. While “the device” is actually my phone, tablet, e-reader and computers (lap top and desktop), the best to use is still the kindle.

Well designed in terms of function and form, I do prefer it to paper.  If only my local library could provide me with Kindle books 🙂

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