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June 2024
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Waiting for that Xen moment

According to, baking is the 8th most relaxing thing you can do at home.

I am definitely waiting for the relaxation to kick in. We have a BBQ schedule for a few weeks time (as hosts) and having run out of rolls last year, I am keen to ensure I have a plan B in place. I’m hedging my bets in having a stash of part baked rolls in my fridge, so if there are more guests than planned, I can cook up some tasty home made rolls in 8 minutes or so.

But I have never done this before. I have fully cooked rolls and stored them in the freezer, but this is a subtly different game. Unlike a normal pre-cooked roll out of the freezer, the part baked one will essentially be a freshed baked loaf only without the 3 hour lead time.

Now, while that all sounds a bit hectic, requiring forethought, and a great deal of planning, nothing comes close to home cooked bread. It is one of the best things on the planet. According to many, I do cheat, I have a breadmaker and often use a packet, 3 times out of 4.

Rolls can only be done on the “dough” setting on my breadmaker, with the final stages being done in the main cooker. That goes for French bread too.

Which is the stressful bit. Every cooker is different. Weather and atmospheric conditions vary. It’s all up in the air. Which is why, as a software engineer, I do not try and work this out by myself – I use books and other media and see what looks achievable.

So why do it? Because, when you have got the hang of it, the nuisances of your cooker, the techniques for the dish, you have the treat of the meal at the end of the process. Yum.

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