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February 2023
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All the prep is done, just waiting for the off!

I love the decorations and the meal. Having the family round, all now sadly adults, being together focused on a single goal, is amazing. It’s us and my mum this year, my closest relatives. Of course, nerves can take over but just now, I’m tired out of my little mind. The tree is decorated, the house is looking OK, but having had my flu innoculation this morning, I am a tired bunny…

The shopping for the feast is done and I do use that word. We’re all foodies and it’s a joint effort on the day but I do make some things a little easier on us all.

My top cheats for Christmas Day

  1. Buy pre-pealed chestnuts. If not, use the microwave – cheaper and quicker to get the job done.
  2. Weigh out the herbs and breadcrumbs for the stuffings and bread sauces and pop them in individual bags in the freeze – marked with what they are. This is a boon on the day.
  3. Make the chesnut puree for the stuffing the night before. Stow in an air tight container in the fridge.
  4. Work out the timings the night before. Stuffings take 45 minutes to cook and put in the bird. You need breakfast before hand, so you need to be out of bed at least an hour before you need to put the turkey in 😉
  5. Keep it simple. This is not the time to experiment. If you have vegetarians come round, check they are happy it goes in the oven with the bird and do everything together. Get help – if you are cooking for more than two, everyone needs to pitch in.

This is a celebration, remember to have fun and that means sharing the prep. Merry Christmas x

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