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June 2024
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Sitting here listening to interesting experiences

It’s Friday and as you can see from Tuesday’s post, I have worked a short week. So, why am I feeling so weary?  I’m not sleepy, I am exhausted.  My head injury from 5 years ago is painfully aching.

Lightweight, huh? Since I can remember, the end of the working day, exaggerated to the extreme for the end of the week, I just die.

My insulin requirements drop dramatically: between 4 and 6 I am on a tiny amount of insulin and doing anything but sitting or lying down results in a hypo.

Which is a shame – as a teenager and twenty-something, Friday is the night you go out.  I love Saturday but Friday, I just want to sleep.

Working is difficult, so I use this time to either have interesting conversations (which always perks me up) or to train.  Listening to is brilliant.

I know when people look at me, they do not see a type 1 diabetic who isn’t thriving but like anyone with type 1, it’s hard work.  A full time job and then I do a brilliant and interesting technical role for my day job and a volunteer role looking at diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Equity not equality.  We’re not all equal, different things are needed by different things to enable that individual to thrive.

No wonder you’re exhausted!

Like many disabled people, I have had times in my life where I couldn’t do anything.  I do like to be busy.

Friday afternoon, that means I do nothing critical, nothing more than letting my mind unwind and expand.

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