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December 2022
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Sunny Sundays?

As is my wont on a Sunday, I’m drinking a hot cup of Earl Grey (black), watching the leaves drop from the trees (it is October in the UK), putting off my set of chores. I’ve been doing this for the past 24 hours, like most weekends, and the grey sky outside is not inspiring me to do anything else at the moment.

Excitingly, we’re moving my husband’s office upstairs which means the last thermostat in the house can be swapped out to a Tado one. It’s quite the reno (to borrow the Property Brothers’ parlance) with a Study bed becoming my husband’s new desk and collapsing a wardrobe in the old spare room up to the attic ready for my son to move out.

We’re big believers in reusing furniture. There’s a 4-6 seater dining table and chairs, a futon sofa bed, a double bed, 2 wardrobes, some flat pack chests of drawers all waiting to go.

What we’ll have left is my husband’s old desk which will move out to the landing to make a hoby desk for me. My sewing machine and all the tools and gadgets will nest in bedside tables ready to spring into action when we need something. The landing cupboard holds the ironing board and a handy socket will allow me to press fabric quickly and easily rather than squeeze in to the lounge and set up temporarily there and need to immediately clear away.

The old office will house the futon as an extra spare room and the gym equipment we bought for lock down. A spare monitor will have the Wii fit plugged in ready to go and that will all mean we have a slouchy, gymy area downstairs that can flex if we need it to.

Sundays, time to dream, drink tea, put off chores, and cower from the drizzle. Have fun with yours :).

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