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February 2024
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To err is human

I’m sitting on the sofa in our kitchen, taking a breather having realised ninety minutes ago that I had royally and completely screwed up.

Oh yeah?

Your sympathy is awe inspiring, you know that?

Get on with it!

Ok! Well, my newish pump has two ways of working: enter the carbs and it works out the dose or enter the amount of insulin you want. Well, I was just out of a hypo and got these confused – due to my ratios, that meant I got ten times the insulin I needed to cover my breakfast (thankfully, including a slight lowering as I’d been on the lower side of normal).


Ouch, indeed. Thankfully, I spotted the mistake before I got too low and having considered eating 130g of CHO via various sources, decided on a correction using glucagon (which would cover 5 of the 13.5iu I had mistakenly taken), 250ml of coca-cola, and a packet of crisps as we had no bananas in the house.

Wait: crisps?

Potatoes have almost as much potassium in them as bananas and potassium binds to insulin in a similar way to sugar. Indeed, it’s one of the ways foods high in potassium take more insulin in a bolus than other foods with similar sugar content.

Anyway, glucagon is the main helper and I’ve managed to keep my levels up but glucagon always wipes me as it’s asks the systems in my body to convert the stores in my body to glucose and the injection is a massive dose of this which happens in a small way every second of every hour of every day. To say I feel pooped, even though I haven’t technically speaking been hypo, is putting it very mildly.

Take it easy?

Guess so, another wasted day 🙁 just for the sake of a little confusion.

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