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November 2018
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Coming of age

One of the things you forget as you get older is when certain things not only kick in (legal sex. cigarette smoking and drinking) but also that you not only have the means to prove your identity easily (credit cards are always my fav. as legally you cannot have a credit card in your name under the age of 18 although it establishes nothing else about you).

On Friday I got a letter from HMRC asking if my son’s name was what we registered it as at birth ready for his national insurance card (for the non-UK residents, that’s his social security number).

At 16, he can legally work and receive recompense for it which will be subject to tax and national insurance.

Of course, noone in the family is carrying this document as we head to the local cinema to see Suicide Squad (pretty romp), BBFC 15.

Which means when an over officious usher asks to see my son’s proof of id to say he is over 15, we don’t have anything on us.

Apparently, we can have a refund of his adult charged cinema ticket, but because he is not carrying id he cannot go into the film.

They would accept a photo of an out of date passport so long as it did still look like him: does not that make you feel that this cinema is holding up there end of the bargain and trust afforded them?

After all, cinema ticket costs £9.40, a passport costs £46.

At least the rich 15 year olds can go and see an over 15 film!

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