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February 2023
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Archive for 'Driving off the grid'

Making a move

I’ve talked a great deal about how our heating works. In line with what I’ve been talking about the past few months, I thought I’d share our latest adventure. Adventure, is that over cooking it a little!? It might not be a terribly exciting adventure for many but it certainly burned up some energy. We […]

Beating inflation

For various different reasons, the UK is facing inflation of between 4.8 and 7% this year. This is against the backdrop of a highly priced housing market and fuel shortages (if you’re a big energy provider), driving up the cost of power being delivered to houses. It’s not uncommon for people to be facing increases […]

Reduce and reuse in the kitchen

We’re all used to hearing the slogan reduce, reuse and recycle when it comes to waste in general especially man made products. When it comes to eating though, it all seems like such hard work and not necessarily that environmentally useful. A different approach is needed, then? This is an experiment I’ve been running the […]

Living la dolce vita

On the face of it, our lives at the moment should resemble hell. We’re having building work done and have vacated our bedroom but thankfully our son is a grown up and living in Newcastle, so we can live in his old room. Despite the noise (we’re both still working from home), life is surprisingly […]

Retrospective as 2021 comes to an end

Like many, this year has involved some changes health-wise (4 vaccinations, 3 for Covid-19 and one for influenza) and some sole searching following COP26. COP?  Police? No, the climate crisess :D.  For me, this has to be a personal thing.  While governments and business can do their bit to ensure we can’t screw up, there […]

Now winter is almost here

It’s November, news flash, it’s winter! Very few days have peaked at 10°C, so it’s still autumn… Anyway, the heating is definitely on. Which is a great time to get a new EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) done. There’s no reason it cannot be done in the summer, any measurements are done in reverse, rather than […]

What’s your carbon footprint?

COP26 is on in the UK and we are all looking at these leaders for what we need to do. Living in the UK, the average person has a carbon footprint of 13 tonnes a year. Given a population of 67 million, that’s a huge national footprint. So, where do you fit on that scale? […]

Economies of time

It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon in early October and I’m sitting in the kitchen with my feet up. It’s the first time today I’ve had a chance to rest and I’d like to explain why. Doesn’t sound in the least interesting! Harsh, but true 🙁 Here’s why I’m writing this. We’re still in the […]

Lying in bed, dreading getting up

Isn’t it a Saturday? Time of fun and joy and more importantly, the weekend? Yes, but I’m listening to the news… Ah, that’s where you’re going wrong! There are a few major takeaways today. Numero uno A couple of weeks ago now, a cable importing electricity from mainland Europe into the UK had a fire […]

Cooking up a steam

Having heard about induction hobs in 2006, they have been on my radar but not something I’ve considered more than a “when I fit my dream kitchen, I’d like…” Our recent forays in the garden and making burgers have brought on a different issue though: how can we do the onions etc that we love […]